[ESX/QBCore] FiveM Voting Script with UI

Hello gamers! Today, I’m going to unveil a new version my script called ss-voting. It is the universal voting script that allows you to vote in any manner. It is fully controlled by a user interface casting script. FiveM Voting Script


  • Admin can start/stop voting, add options for voting and reset voting from the NUI
  • A normal player with no admin perms will not be able to see admin options. A player will be able to see only notifications and will be able to vote.
  • You can control the display of the number of votes in the NUI from config.lua. For example, you want to hide total votes for all voting options you can hide it from the NUI with config.lua
  • Very easy to install just drag and drop.
  • Compatible with both QB and ESX (Including New version of ESX also)

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