Advanced HUD [ESX,QB]

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the advanced HUD system for ESX and QB frameworks:

  1. Advanced Player Status System: Displays comprehensive player health, hunger, thirst, and other vital statuses.
  2. Draggable UI Status: Customizable and movable UI elements that remember their position after reconnecting.
  3. Multiple Status UI Versions: Offers different styles for status indicators, including icons, circular progress bars, and flat progress bars.
  4. Multi CarHUD Versions: Provides various car HUD styles such as Simple, Minimal, and Modernized to suit different preferences.
  5. Weapon HUD: Displays current weapon information including ammo count and type.
  6. Street HUD: Shows current street names and directions to assist with navigation.
  7. Car Status: Provides real-time information on vehicle health and performance.
  8. Seatbelt System: Alerts and enforces the use of seatbelts for increased safety.
  9. Built-in Car GPS: Integrated GPS system for easy navigation and route planning.
  10. Waypoint Large Marker: Enhances waypoint visibility with a prominent marker.
  11. RPM Text and Radial Bar: Displays engine RPM with both text and radial bar for precise monitoring.
  12. Speedometer Text and Radial Bar: Shows vehicle speed using both text and radial bar for clear readability


  • :muscle: ESX, :hammer: QB ( OPTIONAL for job checks and items )
  • :fuelpump: rfuel (required to disabled your current fuel management)
  • :hamburger: status  ( standalone purpose, have built in effects and auto register status (configurable)
  • :pizza: esx_status ( HUD support auto status register without manually registering it via basic needs)
  • Disclaimer

:white_check_mark: Standalone Drag and drop installation
:ballot_box_with_check: ESX/QB Framework Supported,
:hourglass_flowing_sand: please take a time to read the installation part and the config comments for framework integration.

:hammer_and_pick: TODOS

  • Settings UI :white_check_mark:
  • Fix Css glitches :ok: :hammer:
  • Translation to other language :hammer:
  • Other Framework integration :hammer:
  • More Optimisation :ok: :hammer:
  • Bug Fixing :ok: :hammer:
  • Standalone clothing

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Advanced HUD [ESX,QB]Advanced HUD [ESX,QB]
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $13.00.