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ESX 8 Ball Pool is a versatile script designed to work seamlessly on any server framework, including esx, vrp, qb-core, and more. With support for both straight pool and 8-ball games, players can enjoy matches on any pool table in the game world. The script ensures multiplayer synchronization, allowing anyone to join in the fun. Enhanced with full sound effects for an immersive experience, it also offers flexibility by utilizing WarMenu, although integration with other menu systems is possible. Dive into multiplayer pool action with ESX 8 Ball Pool!”

ESX 8 Ball Pool introduces a dynamic and inclusive pool experience tailored for GTA V roleplay servers. Designed to seamlessly integrate with various server frameworks such as esx, vrp, qb-core, and more, this script offers unparalleled versatility. Whether players prefer the classic Straight Pool or the popular 8-ball variant, the script ensures that every pool table across the game world becomes a hub for entertainment.

One of the standout features is its comprehensive multiplayer synchronization, enabling players from all corners of the server to participate in thrilling matches. As players engage in games, they’ll be treated to a rich audio backdrop, complete with the satisfying sounds of balls colliding, being pocketed, and bouncing off cushions, enhancing the immersive experience.

ESX 8 Ball Pool is built with flexibility in mind, utilizing WarMenu for seamless integration. However, for those preferring alternative menu systems, easy adaptation is possible. This script truly democratizes the pool experience, allowing anyone to jump in and enjoy multiplayer matches regardless of their server framework. Dive into the world of GTA V roleplay and elevate your server’s entertainment quotient with ESX 8 Ball Pool.”

Pool Features


  • Works on every server (esx/vrp/qb-core/anything)
  • Straight pool or 8 ball
  • All pool tables anywhere work
  • Anyone can play
  • Fully multiplayer synced
  • Full sound support – balls colliding, balls being pocketed, balls bouncing off of cushions
  • Uses WarMenu (included), but you can easily use your own menu system


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Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $14.00.