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ESX Car Wash| Car Wash script for ESX.script are based on a novel idea and a unique user interface.

The script is a premium script which offers an extensive set of features over the esx_carwash program. The script allows users to select among a variety of wash options as well as allowing users to wash their car in the indoor or outdoor areas.

If you’re looking to incorporate the car wash option on your FiveM server such as a car wash script that works with ESX can be a good alternative.

The car wash script available that works with ESX is a script which lets players clean their vehicles in FiveM. FiveM game. It’s a favorite script with role-players since it gives them the ability to bring the look of real-world to their game.

There are a variety of car wash programs available to five minutes, each having specific features and customization options. There are a few features are included in car wash program.

If you’re searching for ways to integrate an auto wash feature on your FiveM server and you are looking for a car wash script, then this script from FiveM is an excellent solution.


  • Now ESX Support
  • 2 types car wash : standard and premium
  • Unique ui
  • Simple & easy to set up.
  • Dedicated support
  • more features for check showcase video

showcase  esx car wash

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If you have any other questions or issues related to this esx car wash script product, then you can contact us. If you want any mlo related to this script, then visit FIVEM MLO SHOP



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