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The ESX Fire Script for FiveM is a custom designed to bring realistic fire dynamics and emergency response to your FiveM roleplaying server. With this script, players can experience immersive fire scenarios, check our Features  all within the framework of the ESX economy and gameplay mechanics. hose script

This script allows you to have a Dynamic Fire Hose system with many realistic features.  fire script

Realistic Fire Dynamics: Experience dynamic fire behavior, including realistic spreading based on environmental factors such as wind, proximity to flammable objects, and firefighting efforts. fivem hose script fire script

Emergency Response System: Engage in emergency response activities as a firefighter, police


  • Works On Both Fire Trucks And Fire Hydrants
  • Supports Hose To Give A Realistic Look
  • Realistic Water Spray (Controlled By The Player And Synced)
  • Interactive Water Cannon (Can Interact With The World Such As Pushing Vehicles/NPCs)
  • Water Cannon Can Interact With Fire And Take It Out
  • Water Supply System, FireTrucks Have Limited Water Supply (You can change the consumption rate in the configs)
  • Connect Fire Hydrants To FireTrucks With Hose For Unlimited Water Supply
  • Cool Water HUD To Display The Water Supply (Thanks To ‘thers frfuel’)
  • Multiple People Can Connect To The Same FireTruck/Hydrant
  • Hose Length Is Changeable
  • Hose Breaks And The Hydrant Explodes If Expanded Beyond Max Length (Can Be Disabled)
  • Fire Hydrants Can Be Used As Water Cannons (Can Be Disabled In The Configs)
  • Supports Locales
  • Hose Placing/Taking Sounds
  • More Specific Truck Configuration: Attach Offsets, 3D Text Offset, Other Trucks Attachment Offset, Supply Capacity, Enable/Disable The Ability To Share Supplies, Specific Weapons For Each Truck: Water, Foam, Pressure
  • A Synced Water Supply Merging And Sharing System (Truck To Truck, And Hydrant To Truck, Combinations Not Limited)
  • Foam Gun And Pressurized Water Gun
  • Adjust Water And Foam Pressure
  • Pressurized Water And Foam Actually Take Out Fire, Including World Generated Ones Such As Molotov And More
  • Switch Between Water, Foam And Pressurized Water Easily With Mouse Middle Key(Can Be Changed)
  • Adjust Pressure For Each Gun Separately Using Left And Right Arrow Keys(Can Be Changed)
  • UI Based Capacity Indicator
  • UI Settings File, Ability To Use Vanilla HUD Or New HUD And Customize Them Such As Color, Height, And Position
  • Change How The Messages Are Displayed, 3D, Notification, Subtitle
  • A Lot More Advanced Settings
  • Well Optimized
  • And Much More…
  • Standalone, ESX, And QBUS Framework (ESX And QBUS Have Job Whitelist, Standalone Contains Identifier Whitelist)
  • Perfectly Synced
  • One sync Compatible

Firescript Features

  • Whitelisted Commands: startfire, stopfire, stopallfires, setfireaop, enablerandomfires
  • Discord Webhooks For Logs (Can Be Disabled In The Config)
  • Supports Standalone, ESX, QBUS, And Can Be Edited To Support Any Framework
  • Supports Fire Warnings, Map Ping, Map Blips, Chat Messages (Can Be Edited And Disabled)
  • Support Multiple Fire Types, Available: normal, normal2, chemical, electrical, bonfire (You Can Add As Many As You Want)
  • Each Fire Type Have Multiple Configurations Such As: Fire Particles, Scale, Lifetime, Smoke During The Fire And After The Fire Is Out, And More (Every Detail Of The Fire Can Be Edited)
  • Random Fires, AOP Based, Have As Many Locations As You Need, Each Random Fire Have Customizable Configs Such As: Position, Number Of Flames, Spread Distance, Fire Type, And Timeout If The Fire Is Not Taken Out (Every Detail Can Be Edited)
  • Major Parts Of The Code Are Unlocked, Having The Ability To Edit The Script Freely And Integrate It With Other Scripts
  • Fire Start And Fire End Events Client Side And Server Side To Help With Integrations
  • Works With Vanilla Water, Such As Plane Water, Helicopter Water, Fire Hose Water, Fire Truck Water, Fire Extinguishers, etc…
  • Onesync Compatible
  • And Much More, Check The Pictures.

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