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In the ESX-based FiveM servers  esx garage systems are commonly used to permit users to manage and store their vehicles. The feature usually includes features such as storage for vehicles and retrieval, as well as customization and management. Different servers can customize or alter this ESX framework to meet their particular role-playing scenario and needs. garage script

The details of how  esx garage systems are designed may differ among different FiveM servers, since administrators of servers often modify and modify these features to suit the unique scenario of each server. Here are a few common functions that are associated with garage systems on Five 


  • 15 garages are set by default and each of them has more than 10 coordinates for car spawn
  • Special garages (player can only take the vehicle out of the parking lot where parked vehicle) (optional)
  • Changing the player world when open garage UI
  • When the server restart , all the cars are parked in their parking (optional)
  • Garage Blips
  • Ability to adjust the price of the restore vehicle in impound
  • Support vehicle fuel system (recommended use LegacyFuel)
  • Ability to adjust payment method the bank or cash

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esx garage scriptesx garage script
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $24.00.