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Unique and Advance esx police mdt [Police & Lawyer] and Compatible with any Qbcore and ESX server.

Unique and Advance MDT [Police & Lawyer] and Compatible with any Qbcore and ESX server.ESX MDT is a script for FiveM that provides police officers with a mobile data terminal (MDT) that they can use to access information about players, vehicles, and warrants. The MDT can be used to run license plate searches, view player criminal records, and submit reports

 Features: ・Citizen database

・List of all citizens

・Create a report

・Arrest warrants

・Laws & Penalties

・Create, edit, delete

・Nested Laws & Penalties

・If you made a report you can choose a fine and/or imprisonment depends on what you’ve clicked

・Investigations (currently removed due to an error)

・Add multiple citizens to investigation

・Add multiple officers to investigation


・Set ranks as requirements to apply to a training

・Full info about the training

・Vehicle database

・Search for any vehicles which are owned by a player

・Bolos / Warrants

・Create a bolo / warrants for either a citizen or a vehicle


・Create instructions to read the important messages

・Control center

・Create as many control areas as you want and set the maximum allowed amount of officers


・Create ranks and give / revoke permissions

・No limitations (edited)  

help for esx police mdt

any issues you had about clothing menu, but if not, use the bottom menu on this page (or the bottom of this page if you’re on a contact) to find a more thorough explanation of each more.If you want any ml0 related to this script then visit FIVEM MLO SHOP


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Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $34.00.