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FiveM’s Driving School is an excellent resource for players looking to enhance their driving skills in the game. Its user-friendly script offers a range of useful features that can elevate any roleplaying experience on the server.

Driving School in FiveM is an excellent tool for players to gain driving skills. The user-friendly script provides a range of functions, enhancing its value as a beneficial asset for any roleplaying server.


  • Compatible with ESX & QB-Core
  • For ESX it use esx_license
  • 100% Open Source
  • For QB-Core it use metadata from core
  • Highly detailed configs (config.lua, config.client.lua, config.server.lua)
  • Fully editable marker styles and blips
  • Adjustment of notification system
  • Possibility to use with esx_menu_default, esx_context, qb-menu also possibility to plug to the npctalk or other system
  • Possibility to use with TextUI
  • Customizable pricing and license names so if you currently have any driving school and a server edition currently running, you can change the names to the current ones so that the players’ licenses remain
  • Possibility of adjusting the exam route
  • Possibility to change the exam route and the action to be performed
  • Ability to change questions for each category along with photos
  • In config.server.lua you can customize the license system to your needs, if you want a license for an item in an inventory, you can add it there
  • Responsive UI
  • Specially created maneuvering area map for vms_driveschoolv2
  • Custom clean boxville for script without any livery
  • Speed limit during practical exam (supported kmh & mph also it can be disabled)
  • The examiner’s ped sits next to you in the passenger seat during the practical exam (can be turned off)
  • After making the maximum number of mistakes, the examiner ends the test and asks you to return to driving school with a negative result
  • Three types of theoretical exam, containing different questions for each category A (motorcycle), B (car), C (truck)
  • Three types of practical exam, different vehicles
  • In the config you can set whether to take money from the bank account if the player has no money in cash
  • You can set for each category the number of questions to be drawn, how many questions it will have to answer and the number of correct answers to pass the theory exam
  • During the practical exam, the player has to complete tasks from the examiner written in ui on the right, when done, he marks the point as done
  • Maneuver commands spoken by the examiner (can be turned off)
  • Full translation with config.lua & translation.js.
  • Full support.

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[ESX/QB] driving school[ESX/QB] driving school
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $18.00.