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Welcome to Los Santos Trucker Simulator, the ultimate trucking experience designed specifically for ESX/QBCore servers in GTA V roleplay. Dive into the world of truck logistics as you manage your own fleet of trucks and embark on thrilling delivery missions across the sprawling city of Los Santos. esx trucker job


– Euro Truck Simulator game style trucker system, where you can manage your own Truck Logistics.
– Simple Configuration: Easily configure anything in config. Adjust job details, prices, and images to match your server’s economy. The script offers high configurability, with well-explained values that can be effortlessly modified.
– Easy Installation: Setting up on your server is a breeze. Just place it in the resources folder and start it.
– Statistics: Access comprehensive data about your trucker history.
– Deliveries: There are 2 types of deliveries:
1. Quick jobs: Use a rental truck for your deliveries.
2. Freight jobs: Use your own truck to earn more money.
– Drive with your friends: Utilize the party system to form groups with your friends and embark on multiplayer deliveries.
– Upgrades: Delivery profits are linked to your experience. As you invest in upgrading your experience level, your earnings proportionally increase.
– Unique cargos: Each cargo type demands a unique approach. For instance, transporting fuel necessitates certification for handling flammable liquids. Similarly, transporting valuable items like jewelry mandates a certificate attesting to the transport of high-value cargo.
– Skill tree: Begin with simple deliveries, steadily earning experience. As you evolve, unlock high-reward tasks to optimize your earnings.
– Truck dealership: Truck dealership system featuring pre-configured modded truck options.
– Truck diagnostics: Any damages to your owned truck will translate into repair costs that you are responsible for.
– Driver recruitment system: Hire NPC drivers who contribute to your company’s revenue generation.
– Loan system: The loan system enables you to invenst funds into your company. But every loan comes with a daily fee that adds a touch of financial strategy.
– Optimization: The script is well-optimized and free of bugs. It has been successfully running on servers worldwide.
– Regular Updates: We regularly implement updates based on community feedback and suggestions.

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esx trucker jobesx trucker job
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $20.00.