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Transform your FiveM server into a thriving criminal underworld with the Magni Warehouse script. This dynamic script introduces a clandestine warehouse, offering players a central hub for engaging in illicit activities, intense roleplay scenarios, and faction conflicts.

Magni Warehouse will transform your FiveM server to a vibrant criminal underworld. This dynamic script introduces an underground warehouse that offers players a central hub to engage in illicit activities, intense rolesplay scenarios and faction conflict. 


  1. Strategic Location: The Magni Warehouse is strategically placed within the city, providing a realistic backdrop for criminal enterprises.
  2. Illegal Item Storage: Players can utilize the warehouse for storing contraband, facilitating black market transactions, and plotting criminal activities.
  3. Roleplay Opportunities: Immerse your players in captivating roleplay scenarios, from negotiations and faction meetings to high-stakes heists and covert operations.
  4. Customizable Events: Trigger custom events upon players entering or leaving the warehouse, adding depth to the narrative and introducing unexpected challenges.
  5. Security Challenges: Implement security measures within the warehouse, such as cameras and alarms, to add an extra layer of complexity for players navigating the criminal landscape.
  6. Economic Impact: Introduce economic dynamics by allowing players to generate income through warehouse-related activities, contributing to the server’s virtual economy.


  1. Drop the Magni Warehouse script into your server’s resources folder.
  2. Configure coordinates, distances, and event triggers within the Lua script to suit your server’s environment.
  3. Restart the server to apply the changes seamlessly.

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esx warehouse scriptesx warehouse script
Original price was: $22.00.Current price is: $12.00.