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In Fivem, ESX_Shops provides a compelling and immersive shopping experience that lets users tour virtual stores, peruse items, and take part in transactions. Discover the thriving virtual marketplace and open up new avenues for engagement and trade in the game world with ESX_Shops, whether you’re a consumer seeking the newest styles or a shop owner hoping to grow your empire.

                Welcome Our esx_shops

ESX_Shops is pleased to welcome you to the fivem world of trade. We’ll examine the features, personalization choices, and game-changing potential of this potent script in Fivem in this in-depth guide. Come see how ESX_Shops transforms online shopping by giving users an easy-to-use, immersive way to browse, buy, and sell goods in the virtual world.


■ No QBCore export, nor absurd dependencies, was programmed from scratch for ESX.

■ Includes a special bench made exclusively by me for this package.

■ Money as an object in your inventory, with activated GIVE system.

■ Glovebox and trunks with slots and customizable weight.

■ Exclusive package only for people with good tastes.

■ Contains a fully customized cigarette script, to smoke and open your cigar pack.

■ Includes various resources, such as ‘qb-loadingbar’ the new official Qbus progressbar.

■ Greater fluidity, the LITE inventory with better optimization with the quality that it entails

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If you have any other questions and issues related to this qb inventory scripts then you can conact.If you want any mlo related to this scripts then visit FIVEM MLO SHOP


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