[ESX,QB] Plate Flipper

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[ESX,QB]  Plate Flipper | FiveM | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Optimized | Mod | High Quality

ESX Plate Flipper  script designed to enrich criminal roleplay experiences, particularly for individuals engaged in high-speed car races. By installing a plate flipper, players gain the ability to conceal their license plate with a simple hotkey press, offering a tactical advantage during illicit activities. Additionally, specific job roles can be designated to install the plate flipper item.

Key Features:

  • Enables players to mask their license plate with a configurable hotkey.
  • Supports designated job roles for plate flipper installation.
  • Provides a function to check if a vehicle’s plate is hidden.


  • ox_lib
  • oxmysql
  • onesync

Plate Flipper enhances the depth and realism of criminal roleplay scenarios in FiveM, offering players strategic options for evading law enforcement and rival factions during high-stakes pursuits.

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[ESX,QB] Plate Flipper[ESX,QB] Plate Flipper
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $10.00.