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Transform your game with the “FiveM Car Radio Script Esx.” Upgrade your FiveM server with an easy UI, music in your car, and music streaming you can change. Dive into Los Santos and Blaine County with your own music mix. Get it now for an unmatched game time!

FiveM Car Radio Script

The “FiveM Car Radio Script” transforms the entertainment experience on your FiveM server by introducing an innovative, user-friendly interface. This meticulously crafted script allows players to enjoy their favorite tunes while exploring the virtual landscapes of Los Santos and Blaine County, elevating their gaming sessions to new levels of immersion.

Clean and Responsive UI:

Our script has a neat look that’s easy on the eyes and simple to use. The clear setup makes moving around a breeze for all players, whether new or skilled. It works well on any screen size, making sure everyone has a fun time, no matter what device they use.

In-Car Music Playback:

Step into a car in the game, and your favorite songs kick off right away. The “FiveM Car Radio Script” makes this happen. When you get into a car, the script knows and starts playing tunes, making the game feel even more real.

Play Music with Link:

Our script lets players make their own radio in the game. They can play any song they like with a quick link. It could be an old rock song, a new pop tune, or a rare indie beat. Players just have to type the web address to bring in any music they want. This opens up endless choices for radio in the game.

Add One and More Music on One Game:

The “FiveM Car Radio Script” stands out because it lets players add as many songs as they want to their game. This means you can make your own playlists for different vibes and places. It makes each player’s game feel special, with their own choice of music.

In short, this Script is something every FiveM server owner or player should get to make their game better. It comes with a simple and easy-to-use look, smooth music playing while you’re in a car, and lets you play songs from links. This script makes your game feel more real and personal. Say goodbye to boring game radio; now you can have your own soundtrack while you roam Los Santos and beyond. Get the “FiveM Car Radio Script” now and let your music set the tone!


  • Open Source
  • Customization
  • Play music in cars.
  • The music can be heard inside and outside the car, depending on the distance to it.
  • Xsound accepts music from YouTube (without copyright), music in MP3 format, and online radios.
  • It is possible to stop the music, put it in a loop, increase and decrease the volume, and move back and forward in seconds.
  • Each job can have multiple music points within its building (Config.lua).
  • All features can be changed if you wish

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Fivem Car Radio Script EsxFivem Car Radio Script Esx
Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $16.00.