Garage System V10 [ESX]

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Garage System V10 [ESX]

Garage System V10 ESX FrameWork

Garage system for QBCore & ESX. Allows you to preview vehicles and damages get saved.

This script was written to work with Housing System [ESX,QB] , so make sure to check that out too!


Browse vehicles either in a menu system or by sitting in the vehicle and using arrows to switch

Impound included

You can only take out your vehicle once

Vehicle is spawned using OneSync methods, meaning it should not despawn randomly

Job specific garages

Car, airplane & boat garage

Save damages

Engine health

Body health

Dirt level

Deformation (only if using VehicleDeformation

Burst tires



Video Preview  of Garage System V10 [ESX]

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Garage System V10 [ESX]Garage System V10 [ESX]
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $15.00.