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Inventory fivem esx – The Ultimate Evolution of Inventory in GTA

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled gaming experience with Origen Inventory, the most advanced and comprehensive inventory script available for GTA V. Designed to be unique and innovative, this script offers two design modes to choose from, whether it’s a large or small version, allowing you to customize your experience perfectly.

Outstanding Features:

Seamless Functionality Enhancement: Origen Inventory allows you to continue playing while managing your inventory, without pauses or interruptions to your enjoyment.

Quick Item Transfer: The automatic detection of nearby players enables you to exchange items with a single click, streamlining your interactions in the game.

Access to Stash, Trunks, and Glove Compartments: Explore every corner of vehicles and strategically store your items in your stash, trunks, or glove compartments.*

Fully Configurable Decay System: Adjust the rate of item decay to your preference, adding a touch of realism to your GTA V experience.

Fully Configurable Weapon Durability System: Control how long your weapons last and make tactical decisions in battles.

Fully Configurable Crafting System: Personalize your own recipes and create items to survive and thrive in the world of GTA V.

Complete Clothing System: Change your outfit at any time without the need for additional menus.

Frisking System: Control details like hair, perform exciting stunts, and use the Rockstar Editor to capture your epic moments.

Vehicle Functionality: When behind the wheel, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive menu to manage doors, control cruise, set speed limits, and activate drift mode.

Stunt Menu for Motorcycles: If you’re on a motorcycle, a specialized menu will be enabled to perform amazing stunts.

Fully Configurable Inventory Slot Size: Adapt the size of your inventory slots to your needs, giving you complete control over your possessions.

Multiple Languages Available: Origen Inventory is accessible in multiple languages to reach players from around the world.

Easy Installation: It’s compatible with your existing inventory, so there’s no need to delete your database to enjoy all of these features.

Discover a new dimension of gameplay in GTA V with Origen Inventory. Don’t sacrifice fun, as you can use it while engaging in other actions in the game. Seize this opportunity to take your gaming experience to the next level! 

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inventory fivem esxinventory fivem esx
Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $25.00.