Mechanic System [QB]

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Mechanic System [QB]

Mechanic System [QB]


  • RGB Color Supported (option)
  • Parts prices will now be adjusted according to vehicle prices. In other words, the parts prices of an expensive vehicle and a cheap vehicle will not be the same.
  • Players can purchase Mechanic businesses.
  • The operating feature can be turned off and the mechanics are accessible to anyone. (These settings are available in the config files)
  • Multiple mechanical businesses can be created.
  • All purchased items are added to a cart and the mechanic can invoice the vehicle owner.
  • Engine, Brake, Turbo, Suspension and many other upgrades are available.
  • Players can install colored headlights on their vehicles.
  • Players can change their plates via the mechanic.
  • Vehicle Repair Fee is calculated based on damage to the vehicle. It is not a fixed price.
  • Mechanic owner can give discounts to players.
  • The owner of the mechanic can arrange the money her employees will receive for each modification.
  • Mechanical Owner can withdraw and deposit money from the safe
  • The mechanic owner can hire or fire someone new.
  • The Mechanical Owner may transfer her business to another person.
  • The Mechanic Owner can access the customer history and clear the list through the Boss Menu.
  • The mechanical owner can change the name of the business.
  • Free Camera is available.
  • It has the feature of zooming to the selected part.
  • There is an option setting that will allow only the vehicles registered in the database to be modified.
  • More Color Types Added.
  • Mechanics can spawn the hammer and tow vehicles

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Mechanic System [QB]
Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $12.00.