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The ESX Farmer Job is a roleplay job that allows players to work as farmers. Players can plant crops, harvest crops, and sell crops to make money.

The ESX Farmer Job is a fun and immersive way to roleplay as a farmer. It is a great way to make money and to experience the rural life.

If you are looking for a fun, relaxing, and profitable way to play FiveM, then the ESX Farmer Job is a great option

Welcome our esx farmer job

With the ESX Farmer Job, venture into the tranquil realm of farming on FiveM. This extensive tutorial seeks to give server administrators and players alike deep insights on the ESX Farmer Job’s installation process, gaming mechanics, and customizability. Together, we can foster success and expand your online farming endeavors.

FiveM gets its first taste of agricultural gameplay mechanics with the ESX Farmer Job. In addition to managing livestock and selling produce, players can grow and harvest crops. Learn the subtle touches that bring character and intrigue to your server with the Farmer Job.
Examine how the Farmer Job affects the virtual world’s economy. As they cultivate and market crops, gamers make a financial contribution to the server economy. This dynamic feature makes the server’s economic ecosystem more complex and realistic, resulting in a virtual environment that is more linked and realistic.

The ESX Farmer Job is a roleplay job that allows players to work as farmers. Players can plant crops, harvest crops, and sell crops to make money.


How to do the esx farmer job?

  • Go to the the marked area on the map and change your outfit with workwear (optional) and choose a non occupied field to start the job.
  • Attach the tractor to the baletrailer and start driving to the marked field.
  • When your arrive to the field, the crops and harvester will be there. Park the tractor and get into the harvester.
  • Harvest all marked crops with harvester. Move the pile of crops on to the baletrailer and then drive the tractor to starting point which will be marked as well.
  • Park the tractor and baletrailer behind the trucks trailer. Load the pile of crops from baletrailer to the trailer.
  • When finished get in to the truck, combine it with trailer and drive it to the marked warehouse.
  • Pick up the pie of crops and deliver them to the warehouse.
  • Bring the truck back.

Here are some of the benefits of using

  • Relaxing and rewarding gameplay: Enjoy the peaceful pace of farm life and the satisfaction of building a successful business.
  • Diverse activities: Engage in various tasks like planting, tending crops, raising animals, and crafting.
  • Economic simulation: Experience the challenges and rewards of managing a virtual farm.
  • Social interaction: Cooperate with other players to trade goods or work together on large farms.
  • Role-playing opportunities: Immerse yourself in the life of a farmer and build a unique story.

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