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The ESX jail script on FiveM servers immerses players in the virtual prison environment, offering inmate jobs, activities, and interactions. Developed by administrators, it enhances authenticity and provides a range of features tailored to server needs, making it an essential component of the in-game justice system.

ESX jail scripts are crucial components of prison systems on FiveM servers, offering immersive simulations of prison life with various inmate jobs and activities. These custom scripts, often tailored by server administrators, bring depth and authenticity to the virtual prison environment. Features can vary depending on the server and scripts used, encompassing tasks such as inmate job assignments, scheduled activities, and interactions within the prison community.

The Prison++ script enhances the FiveM prison experience with a multitude of features:

  1. Jailing System: Police officers can jail and release players, with the option to extend sentences.
  2. Legal Jobs: Inmates can earn money through various tasks like cleaning, cooking, and garbage collection.
  3. Kitchen: Free food and drinks are available, with additional items sold by a peddler.
  4. Illegal Activities: Join gangs, complete tasks for reputation and cigarettes, and trade items.
  5. Drugs: Manufacture and sell a drug called ‘mud’ within the prison.
  6. Prison Alarm: Guards can trigger an alarm, alerting the city and nearby players.
  7. Recreational Activities: Participate in games like Wall Ball and Basketball.

Prison++ enriches the FiveM prison environment, providing players with diverse activities and interactions during their incarceration.

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Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $18.00.