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The ESX/QB Wheel Clamp Script is a powerful addition to your FiveM server, designed to bring immersive vehicle immobilization mechanics to life. Here’s an overview of its key features and functionalities:

  1. Realistic Clamping: This script provides realistic clamping mechanics, allowing law enforcement or designated personnel to immobilize vehicles that are illegally parked or abandoned.
  2. Custom Props: Enhance the roleplay experience with custom props that add visual realism to the clamping process. These props are meticulously designed to complement the gameplay and atmosphere of your server.
  3. Permission Integration: Seamlessly integrate with popular permission frameworks such as ESX and QBCore, enabling server administrators to control access to the wheel clamp feature based on job roles or permissions. Alternatively, support for ACE permissions offers flexibility in authorization methods.
  4. Lockpick Mechanic: Elevate civilian roleplay by enabling players to attempt to remove wheel clamps using a lockpick item. Each attempt carries a chance of success, adding suspense and engagement to the interaction.
  5. Item Support: The script supports various inventory systems including ESX, QBCore, and others, allowing the wheel clamp to be utilized as an in-game item. This flexibility enhances gameplay dynamics and integration possibilities.
  6. Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with all types of vehicles by implementing precise positioning and alignment mechanics. Whether it’s cars, trucks, or motorcycles, the wheel clamp script is designed to work seamlessly across the board.
  7. Synced Gameplay: Enjoy fully synchronized gameplay across all players, eliminating synchronization issues and ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for everyone involved.

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[ESX/QB] Wheel Clamp Script[ESX/QB] Wheel Clamp Script
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $15.00.