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Use this script to make someone pregnant after they go to sleep or have sex. With it, you can sleep or have sexual relations with anyone on our server on any bed. You just need to sync the animation and add your custom animations for sleeping or having sex. There are also some mini games that you can play while trying to get cum from someone else while sleeping or having sex. esx sleep sex

This script allows you to impregnate/get pregnant from sleeping or having sex with a partner on any bed. You can sleep/have sex with anyone on the server in any bed that you’d like. Sync your animations by adding custom sleep/sex animations Minigames for Cum SleepOrSex

esx sleep sex

  • You can sleep or having sex with anyone on the server at any bed
  • Sync Animation to other
  • Easy to Configurable
  • Give any chance pregnant after sex? Why not?
  • SQL included for pregnant
  • Full Health after having sex or sleep
  • Encrypted script
  • Optimized script

Updated to new version

  1. Add condom for prevent pregnant (the girl need using that)
  2. Add abortion for cancel pregnant
  3. Add pill for woman for prevent pregnant
  4. Add time for pregnant (saved on the sql)
  5. Add testpack to check what time the girl will give the child birth (will trigger the new outfit)
  6. Add animation when pregnant (dizzy animation at random time)
  7. Fix the loop when someone getting sleep/sex
  8. If you about to childbirth, then u can’t have a sex
  9. Add death chance when childbirth
    updated to v1.0.0
  10. Fix all sex animation and sleep (no desync anymore)
  11. Add more animation sex
  12. Add /sexeverywhere if you want having sex everywhere you want! Or using viagra for trigger this one
  13. Add more configuration
  14. Add shower, you can change command (/shower) on config.lua
  15. Add Health after shower (configurable)
  16. Add Armor after shower (configurable)

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esx sleep sexesx sleep sex
Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $28.00.