Fivem Weapon Lanyard

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Introducing the FiveM Weapon Lanyard, a standalone resource that brings a new level of realism and safety to your server. This system ensures that your pistol or weapon is securely attached to you at all times, preventing accidental loss and enhancing the safety of those on the front line.

Fivem Weapon Lanyard is a standalone resource adding a realistic weapon lanyard system, ensuring your pistol/weapon is attached to you at all times, preventing loss and improving the safety of those on the front line.

Compatible with any server: Weapon Lanyard works on any server including OneSync Infinity, OneSync and non-OneSync. The resource is standalone but also supports QB-Core, vRP and ESX straight out of the box

Features: Fivem Weapon Lanyard

  • Realistic Weapon Lanyard: Crafted with realism in mind, this resource utilizes base game dynamic ropes to ensure a visually appealing and authentic lanyard system for your weapons.
  • Automatic Functionality: Designed for simplicity, this resource operates automatically without the need for commands or permissions, enhancing player experience effortlessly.
  • EUP/Clothing System: In the configuration file, you can define various EUP numbers to support both holstered and un-holstered versions of clothing items. The system automatically switches between these states based on weapon usage.
  • Fully Synced: This resource is fully synced across all players, compatible with OneSync, OneSync Infinity, and Non-OneSync servers, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.
  • Standalone: The resource is completely standalone, working flawlessly with all server types and frameworks.
  • Configurable: Easily configure which weapons the lanyard applies to and define EUP numbers as needed, offering flexibility to tailor the system to your server’s requirements

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Fivem Weapon LanyardFivem Weapon Lanyard
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $10.00.