Refunds System [ESX,QB]

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Refunds System [ESX,QB]

Refunds System ESX /QB FrameWork

A simple way to give your players refunds, without having to be there. All with a simple UI!


Framework: On default, it works with ESX (if using ESX, esx_identity is required on default) and QBCore, but can easily be ported over.

Database: On default, only works with oxmysql, but can be ported over.


Create refunds for users that are currently online

Create refunds for users that are offline

Creating refunds is simple with a UI.

You do not need to know a user’s license, as the UI shows a clear list of people. You can select one or multiple people to receive the refund.

User list shows license, name and, if online, the user ID, making it clear who you are giving a refund to.

Refunds can be claimed using a command, on join or both.

When refunded, a clear and editable notification tells the user what they have been given and why.

The refunds get saved between restarts without database usage

Fully optimised, the script runs 0.00-0.01ms at idle.

Video Preview of Refunds System

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Refunds System [ESX,QB]Refunds System [ESX,QB]
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $15.00.