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Discover the unique FiveM Crypto Mining Script, featuring ownable cryptocurrency mining warehouses for an enriched gaming experience. Perfectly optimized for ESX and QBCore frameworks.

The FiveM Crypto Mining Script introduces a revolutionary way to enhance your gaming server by integrating ownable cryptocurrency mining warehouses. This unique system not only enriches the gaming experience but also creates numerous opportunities for role-playing scenarios. With its perfect optimization and minimal dependency requirements, it ensures a smooth and reliable operation, making it an essential addition for any server running on the ESX or QBCore framework.

Key Features of the FiveM Crypto Mining Script

  • Player Ownable Crypto Mining Warehouses: Players can buy their own warehouses, upgrade mining rigs, and acquire additional warehouses once fully upgraded.
  • Easy Warehouse Creation: Server admins can create warehouses anywhere on the map with custom prices using a configurable command.
  • Mining Rigs Profits/Losses: Three stages of mining rigs with configurable electricity consumption and profits, refreshing every minute.
  • Loss Management: If a warehouse incurs losses over $1000 (configurable), all rigs shut off until bills are paid.
  • Sell Warehouses: Players can sell warehouses with all equipment; transactions are secure and automatic.
  • Secure Log-off: Players logging off inside a warehouse are safely teleported back upon logging in.

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fivem crypto mining scriptfivem crypto mining script
Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $16.00.